A downloadable game for Windows

A hastily made prototype that not only is less than my far reaching vision dreamed, but also wouldn't package into HTML for browser-play, and didn't import meshes correctly so all the grass is missing (missing grass pictured above) ._.

I feel a little bad. I knew things wouldn't be as grand as I thought (it's my first game jam), but I didn't get to dedicate enough time as I wanted and I have little to show for it. At the very least I wanted grass along the ground and to make a little theme, but all I can offer is a cloudy silent crater with an ugly flower in the middle. The controls were mostly taken from the Unreal Flying Example Project, with slight tweaks to the speed. I planned to add more to it, but well like I said, I didn't dedicate enough time.

At the same time, I'd feel a lot worse if I didn't upload this. Even if I'm not proud of the result (admittedly I am proud of the bee I made though haha), I need to take the step and upload it. So I can say that I've put myself out there in some fashion, and that I can do better next time.

I promise to perform better in future game jams. Or at least plan more accordingly for them in terms of time. It might not look like much but the time I spent working on this was wonderful! I look forward to participating in more game jams :)


LittleBeeGameJam.zip 202 MB